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The 36hp Challenge Email List

This page is provided to help you join and manage your participation on our email list.

Important Notices

* We are a NO-FLAME list. You can attack _ideas_ but not people. Be careful to not use condecending language.

* We have no policy about use of language. We will not censure someone just because they used what some might consider a vulgar term. Rather, we will censure only for flaming. If you are concerned about being offended by someone else's use of language, maybe you'd best not subscribe.

* While discouraged, we will tolerate occasional off-topic posting. We recognize the occasional need, for personal or community reasons for off-topic posting. We will tolerate this as long as it's not also sales-related material. However, once _anyone_ complains, an off-topic thread shall end right then. Any further posts on that thread to the list had best be a wrap-up of the topic, or expect to hear from the list-administrator!

* You may be removed from the list if:

There may be other reasons we haven't thought of - just be well behaved and you'll be fine. We're here as a community to have fun and share, not cause problems for each other.

Basic List Directions

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Everything else you can do with your web-browser!

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The NON-Web Interface:

Subscribe with an email to: 36hp-request@36hpChallenge.org with the subject line "subscribe" - without the quotes. You will then get a confirmation email, and after signing up, you'll get an email telling you how to use all the email-interface options!

If your system's email reader is configured correctly, you can subscribe by clicking this link!

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Getting Extra Help

If nothing seems to work, you may email our list administrator. The list-admin is a busy person, so please ask for help only after you've made an effort to do it yourself.


Contact information:

36hp Challenge Email: Webmaster, Other needs: burlybug@comcast.net, or call Burly at 435-752 4359 (MST)