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The One Club

Vintage-Volkswagens over 100 miles per hour


The “1” Club ‘ was added a couple of years ago and is essentially an “outlaw style” wide open challenge where the only real rules include a 36hp engine case, some wheels and a goal of exceeding 100 miles per hour. “1” Club safety regulations must meet the requirements of the sanctioning body where the car is being raced and those specific safety rules are determined by the sanctioning body for the type of racer presented for inspection. Safety regulations are not regulated or determined through 36hp Challenge guidelines, only the classification of the Volkswagen for 36hp Challenge recognition. The “1” Club is unique unto itself and allows any 36hp based car to qualify by just being fast.

Speed Validation: All speeds must be recorded using land speed sanctioning bodies timing traps! Speeds recorded using a speedometer, GPS unit or radar gun cannot be recognized.


From the forties till today, 36hp Volkswagen racers ( and 25hp ) have been striving to achieve higher and higher speeds. As we have seen from results over the past years of the 36hp Challenge, hitting 100 miles per hour is a difficullt yet not impossible task. In Land Speed Racing for top speeds, the elite racers who have exceeded 200 ( and now 300 and 400 ) miles per hour have been recognized by automatically achieving membership in the SCTA's exclusive 200 MPH Club.

Membership in these clubs is impossible for VW racers in almost any VW powered racer to gain, and for our 36hp racers today and our past 36hp VW pioneers it will always remain just a dream. With this thought in mind, we created the "1" Club to recognize and honor any racer who exceeds the 100 mile per hour barrier in a 36hp based four wheeled vehicle. Membership is simple and gained by exceeding that magic speed in sanctioned and verifiable competition and is completely free. No sign ups, no memberships, just 100 mph plus speeds in a 36hp VW based car will get you the special Gaylen Anderson sponsored, Wizzard created, commemorative decals to be placed on your racer.

There are other 100 mph clubs for boats, electric powered racers and even a 100 mph club sponsored by Hop Up magazine for flathead four cylinder powered old fashioned hot rods. The 36hp VW group will be distinguished by it's designation as the "1" Club. As you can see from the attachment showing the recognition decal, the International 36hp Challenge "1" Club is represented by a red oval with silver bezel , the same size and inspired by, oval window VW taill lights.


36hp engine crankcase(or 25hp)-no early Porsche 2 piece! No other engine guidelines are mandated which means any heads, cylinders or cylinder head stud configuration, exhaust or intake / fuel system and transmission are acceptable.

Four (4) wheeled vehicle----Stock bodied, dragster, Formula V, kit car, race car, modified body(chopped,etc.) streamliner, lakester, Porsche, Fiat, are acceptable.

Validation Requirements


Information regarding inclusion in this list should be emailed to Burly Burlile at burlybug@comcast.net . All photos sent to this email address pertaining to a One Club submission will be considered a release of copyright and may be used for publication.


Peter Muller 120.110 mph Autobahn, Germany 1949
Dick Beith 101.296 mph Bonneville, USA 1961
Dick Beith 129.000 mph Bonneville, USA 1963
Tom Bruch 109.572 mph Bonneville, USA 1967
Tom Bruch/Anderson 103.496 mph Bonneville, USA 2008
Richard Troy 101.163 mph Bonneville, USA


Justin McAllister 103.056 mph Bonneville, USA


Bruce Cook 101.772 mph Maxton, NC, USA 2009
Colton McAllister 101.945 mph Bonneville, USA 2010
Dan McAllister 101.525 mph Bonneville, USA 2010
Maylene McAllister 103.967 mph Bonneville, USA 2010
Bill Hatfield 108.324 mph Bonneville, USA 2011
Tom Bruch/Anderson 126.236 mph Bonneville, USA 2011

Other Additions?

If anyone is aware of other VW racers in the U.S. or around the world using 36hp engines to exceed 100 miles per hour, please contact me with information so I can confirm the speed and add them to our charter member list. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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