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The 36hp Challenge

Vintage-Volkswagen based Land Speed Record Racing

The object of the 36hp Challenge is to encourage you to make your 36hp powered Volkswagen go as fast as possible over a minimum of a standing start mile.

The 36hp Challenge is "free", no charge! ! ! The only costs incurred are preparing your Volkswagen, travel expenses and the respective sanctioning bodies membership and entry fees, and complying with their reasonable rules regarding tires, helmets, etc. If you would like additional information regarding the 36hp Challenge, please contact Burly at burlybug@comcast.net or call 435-752 4359 (MST). NOTE: Burly is not the webmaster of this site!

Important Note

This site was originally created merely to provide a place for those interested in the 36hp Challenge to be able to join the 36hp email list. THE OFFICIAL SITE is Burly Burlile's http://BurlyB.com/ Meanwhile, this site is a work-in-progress to try and bring all the various online 36hp Challenge materials to one place as they are presently scattered. Please help point out errors or omissions! Send links! Send images! Send missing speed record data! This is a volunteer effort!

Late Breaking News

The weather at Bonneville for this week's World Of Speed looks great! Find more information on the weather for Bonneville here: http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Bonneville+Salt+Flats+Rec+Management+Area+UT+US1003:13:US



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